Jilion joins Dailymotion

Trial Duration with New Business Model

Hi everyone, we are fine-tuning our SublimeVideo service every day and we just decided to move from 30 to 7-days free trial duration, effective today. We would like to explain why we think this makes more sense, especially with our new add-ons-based business model.

SublimeVideo - Trial Duration and New Business Model
Along the launch of our SublimeVideo Framework 2 months ago, we also actually made a substantial switch to our business model:

  • Our previous model was a freemium bundle-based model with monthly or yearly subscriptions. We were charging you in advance the amount corresponding to the bundle and duration you chose.
  • With our new model, and because our player has now become fully modular (yeah, we’ll never stop repeating how great this is), we decided to switch to a daily metered usage model of the add-ons you use and to charge your total usage at the end of each month. This is similar to what companies like Heroku are doing and we always liked their approach: great freemium and flexible paid features store.

The new add-ons metered model is really customers friendly: You assemble your player by shopping for the features you want and only pay for what you really need. Moreover you can activate or deactivate add-ons freely on a daily basis: There’s no rigid bundles anymore, which always contain a mix of useful and useless features, your player’s features set is exactly as you want it.

With the previous pre-paid bundle approach, it made business sense to offer our customers a single 30-days free trial but with the fluid add-on based approach billed post-usage, 30 days is not necessary, especially as this is no longer a single free trial but several free-trials which we offer you, on each paid add-on, separately. For this reason we believe the sweet spot is to have a week to test an add-on.

All the paid add-ons you activate from today will have a 7-day free trial and any paid add-ons you activated previously will of course complete their previous 30-days duration.

The new SublimeVideo Modular Player is out of beta!

SublimeVideo Embed Add-on

Two months ago we launched the beta of our new SublimeVideo Modular Player. It was entirely rewritten using our new SublimeVideo Framework, providing a much more scalable architecture and some unique features on the market.

After just two months, we are very happy to announce our new player is ready for prime time and is exiting beta today!
We are quite excited with the performance of our new SublimeVideo Framework technology and we are ending the beta period earlier than expected.

This means all of our users have been automatically upgraded to the new player and everybody can start enjoying all its new features, including:

  • the much improved mobile support with no feature or design degradation on the latest mobile platforms
  • the world’s first cross-platform vector graphic engine delivering a perfect user experience, from legacy browsers (such as IE 6) up to the latest mobile platforms (such as Android 4+ smartphones or iPads)
  • our seamless YouTube integration
  • two new player designs
  • the ability to display your logo on video
  • embed and social sharing features
  • keyboard control on desktop
  • responsive layout support
  • and much more upcoming features planned for the coming months!

Learn more about all these features.

PS: A note to our beta users: we recommend that you update your loader code to remove the “-beta” part in the URL.

Introducing SublimeVideo Free Embed Add-on

SublimeVideo Embed Add-on

Last Friday, we released our Social Sharing Add-on. Today we are pleased to release our brand new Embed Add-on. This Add-on will be free for all our users.

Many are already providing an option allowing to embed SublimeVideo players, but until today the only way to do that was to manually provide a code outside the player, which is not exactly straightforward. Plus, as soon as the video was embedded somewhere it was in most cases impossible to re-embed it again, drastically limiting the sharing range of the video.

SublimeVideo Embed Add-on Screenshot

Today we’ve solved this issue by releasing our new free Embed Add-on, which will provide you with an in-player embed button that will stick to your video wherever it is embedded. Moreover, we added an option for your users to choose a custom size before embedding the video. The only thing you have to provide is a URL on your HTML page that will be used for the embed iframe, learn more about this in our documentation.

And of course, thanks to our powerful and unique cross-platform support, this Add-on works everywhere, including the latest mobile platforms!

You can begin using the new free Embed Add-on now. We hope you like it and we are really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

As explained in previous posts, our new SublimeVideo player framework allows us to deliver new features much faster than before, so stay tuned for more add-ons coming soon!

Introducing SublimeVideo Social Sharing Add-on

SublimeVideo Social Sharing Add-on

As you guys probably saw, last month we released the SublimeVideo Framework as well as our new SublimeVideo Modular Player that has been entirely rewritten with SublimeVideo Framework technology.

Thanks to the new architecture, we are now able to build rock-solid, cross-platform new features very easily.

Today we are thrilled to announce the availability of the new Social Sharing Add-on!

SublimeVideo Social Sharing Add-on

Social sharing buttons are one of the most requested features. With the new add-on, you can provide your users with the ability to share your videos on popular social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, directly from the player. Now, when your video is embedded on an external site, people can share it without having to go back to your site. It’s even more flexible thanks to an option that allows you to display a direct link to the video page so your audience can share the video wherever they want (by email for instance). And of course, this add-on works everywhere, including on the latest mobile platforms.

SublimeVideo Social Sharing Add-on on Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s available now and we are offering a 30-day free trial, like all our paid add-ons.

Last but not least, sharing a video is sometimes less straightforward than sharing just a page, so we created the extra step for you to be able to share a specific video within a page containing several videos! We really encourage you to read our documentation to properly configure this add-on with your video elements in order to make the best of it.

We hope you like this new add-on and we are really looking forward to hearing your feedback on additional social networks or options you would like to see.

Stay tuned for more add-ons coming soon!

Introducing the SublimeVideo Framework

The Framework technology that finally sparks the HTML5 Video Revolution

SublimeVideo Framework

This is simply the most important series of announcements we ever made!

SublimeVideo Framework

After more than a year of hard work, we couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce the release of SublimeVideo Framework.

SublimeVideo Framework Video SublimeVideo Framework is the Holy Grail for HTML5 Video Players: It allows, for the very first time, the creation of any player you can imagine, by providing total design freedom and features modularity, that just work with pixel-perfect vector graphic rendering, on any browser including legacy IE6 and the latest mobile platforms, including Apple iPads, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface tablets.
Learn more by watching our intro video.

Tailor-made Players

SublimeVideo Framework Tailor-Made Showcases
SublimeVideo Framework brings the overall web video experience miles ahead of the current solutions, making SublimeVideo the most advanced HTML5 video player solution on the market.

SublimeVideo Framework Tailor-Made Players Don’t miss our launch partners’ player showcases!

If you’re an agency and want to team-up to build the most amazing HTML5 video branded players for your customers, start by visiting our tailor-made player page and contact us.

Modular Video Player

SublimeVideo Modular Player Today, we are also announcing our new SublimeVideo Modular Player, which has been rewritten from the ground-up with SublimeVideo technology. It’s more reliable than ever, it vastly improves mobile support and adds a lot of new features, thanks to its new modular architecture, including:

YouTube Integration

SublimeVideo YouTube This is pretty big! Now you no longer have to choose between SublimeVideo and YouTube. The great folks at YouTube have recently made an amazing job of updating their Player API in order to go beyond Flash-only integrations. Thanks to that, we are now delivering seamless YouTube integration with SublimeVideo. Just specify the YouTube video’s ID and that’s it!

This means you can now have the best of both worlds, using YouTube to host your videos and SublimeVideo as your unrivaled branded player!

Player Designs

SublimeVideo New Player Designs SublimeVideo makes any player design possible, working perfectly on any browser and the latest mobile devices. Today, along with our current “Classic” player, we now offer two new designs, the “Flat” and “Light” Player, with more designs to come.

Add-on Pricing Model

We also completely updated the SublimeVideo Modular Player pricing model to make it flexible: Now you only pay for the features you choose! So sign up now and start assembling your player with our new add-ons.

This is just the beginning of our journey, there is much work ahead. Stay tuned because 2013 should be full of great news for our users.

In the meantime, we wish you Happy HTML5 Holidays with SublimeVideo Framework and all its new features!

SublimeVideo Player NowDelivered 3 Times Faster

SublimeVideo CDN Response Time

Worldwide Average Response Time

In an effort to continue improving our service, we switched our Content Delivery Network provider to EdgeCast. You may not have noticed any change, according to our measures, this move has improved the delivery speed of SublimeVideo Player which is now about 3 times faster (please note that the impact may vary from one location to the next). Even though the player transfer time may be imperceptible, we believe it will help you improve the overall performance of your web site for all your users, worldwide.

While the move was transparent to most users, those using SSL or mixed environments with both HTTP and HTTPS will have a minor change to make in their site to fully benefit of faster loading.

Update your loader code

Until now, the player loaders had to be different for SSL, non-SSL or mixed delivery. With EdgeCast these delivery types are now unified and the Player can be loaded with the following new single line of code which will work under all circumstances:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.sublimevideo.net/js/YOUR_TOKEN.js"></script>

and which shall now replace your former SSL loader call or even your former mixed load call.

Please apply this change to your site in order to benefit of this speed improvement on SSL delivery as well. We would like to encourage all our clients using SSL to switch from our former CDN to EdgeCast before the end of the year.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about this infrastructure improvement.

Hiring: Jilion is Growing andWants to Welcome New Teammates

HTML5 Earth - SublimeVideo

Our core team is expanding …a bit, and we would be very glad to welcome new teammates in the following positions:

If you want to know why such a “huge increase”, read on…

Small Team, Great Ambition

It’s amazing what small teams can achieve sometimes and I think this has certainly been the case for ours: In a just over two years, since we candidly shared the demo of “SublimeVideo”, the world’s first HTML5 Video Player with custom controls, our team of seven has come a long way.

First of all – and this isn’t something we anticipated or planned for ourselves – we’ve been taken by storm by a huge viral buzz, with over 8,000 Twitter followers and one million unique visitors in six months on the original SublimeVideo demo page, as well as lots of blogs and press coverage. This was completely unexpected and really changed the course of our company, which was at the time working on a totally different Web project and at the incubation stage in our University at EPFL in Switzerland.

Being in this incubation phase was actually very helpful (thank you EPFL, our angel friends and families), as we already had a core team of four, combining Ruby on Rails, JS, CSS, design and entrepreneurial experience. That means we were ready to catch this unexpected HTML5 Video wave and move to the next phase, with the release of the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 Video Player – we believe, the only serious way to deliver a quality HTML5 Video player in the ever changing landscape of Web-browsers.

Last year, after a successful free beta, we started commercialization, introduced a freemium model, unique HTML5 real-time stats, and more. Today, SublimeVideo serves millions of state-of-the-art, always up-to-date, HTML5 video players to thousands of sites and customers every month.

During the last two years, it’s been clear within the team that we wanted to follow our own flavor of the lean startup model. On my side, I thought it was much more important to strengthen our core team, building value with great software and building metrics with real traffic and early revenues, rather than wasting time on writing business plans and chasing every possible VC (I’ve already been there myself, as Founder and CEO of a 37 employee tech start-up with $10 million of capital and didn’t want to repeat such experiences from back then).

This time with Jilion and SublimeVideo, the priority has been to build strength and credibility first and foremost in our own eyes and those of our users. To be sure what we’re doing is making sense and can have some universal value. In the process, it’s also good to give some time for the “Vision” to become clearer.

So this is where we are now: In the middle of this huge transition of the Web to the no-plugins/HTML5 era. And when it comes to HTML5 Video, based on what we did so far and what we have in mind, we believe we now understand quite clearly what remains to be done to deliver – in the near future – the ultimate enabler of the HTML5 Video era (or as Steve could have said, “we nailed it”). And that’s the reason we are ready to grow a bit and welcome a few more teammates to accelerate and get there better and faster.

Please let us know how you think you can contribute and why you’re cool to work with! Have a look at our open positions.

Aelios Weather and iOS 6

Aelios Weather iPad Dear Aelios users, we want to let you know that, at least for the time being, Aelios is unfortunately not able to run on iPads running Apple’s upcoming iOS 6. The reason is that Apple has chosen to switch away from Google Maps to its own mapping service in iOS 6. This is a major change that actually breaks Aelios.

Aelios has been tightly designed and built around Google Maps and the whole user experience was designed to make the best use of both iOS and Google Maps. With Apple’s new mapping service, we no longer have access to some Google Maps APIs which we fine-tuned Aelios’ user experience around. Apple’s new mapping service looks nice, but we don’t yet know if it will allow Aelios to work the way we intended.

For these reasons we feel that it’s necessary to remove Aelios from sale on the App Store. This will be effective this weekend and will last until we can potentially find a way to reintroduce the app using Apple’s new mapping service. Aelios will continue to run on devices running iOS 5.x and iOS 4.3. Any possible change regarding iOS 6 support will be posted on aeliosapp.com and within the app’s integrated news section.

Aelios began as a student project and reached the top rankings in several App Stores worldwide. We learned a lot through developing it, even if it has been a side-project for the company alongside SublimeVideo – our core HTML5 Video Technology.
Aelios has been extremely well received by its users with a global App store rating of four and half stars and many rave reviews. We want to thank all our users for their support and hope to be able to relaunch it in the future.

New Sites Using SublimeVideo

We’d like to share with you some recent prominent SublimeVideo integrations.

Ralph Lauren Rally
Ralph Lauren, outfitter of the U.S. Olympic Team, launched a new Facebook app for the 2012 Olympics Games in London. Their fans are invited to cheer on American athletes through photos and video.

Ice Age Continental Drift - Arctic Games
For the fourth Ice Age movie, in theaters now, Activision is releasing a new videogame: Ice Age Continental Drift – Arctic Games.

Prometheus Film
The official site for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s latest blockbuster, features some clips of the movie played with SublimeVideo.

Ford’s Swap Your Ride Giveaway:Powered by SublimeVideo

Ford’s logo Ford recently launched a video-centric competition offering the opportunity to swap your car for one of 10 of their latest vehicles. Participants watch a video of their favourite car and answer a question for the chance to win. The contest runs until May 31st.

Ford’s Swap Your Ride Giveaway

You can check out the competition at swapyourridegiveaway.com.

We’re happy that Ford and digital agency Flash Point Communications trusted SublimeVideo to reliably power the core functionality of their Swap Your Ride campaign.

We previously saw Nissan embrace both HTML5 and SublimeVideo in their Zen to Z web campaign.