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Introducing SublimeVideo Stats 2.0

SublimeVideo Subtitles For the last 5 months, we’ve been busy working on a complete refactoring of our back-end architecture in order to provide more stats to SublimeVideo sites, as well as a more scalable platform, both in terms of the number of sites we support and the data we can report.

Here’s what’s new from a user’s standpoint:

New “Videos” section

The new “Videos” section allows you to browse all videos played by SublimeVideo. You can search, filter and sort them. For instance, you can easily list the videos that are played the most or the least. Behind the scenes each video source is analyzed to detect common issues such as MIME Type misconfiguration. Last but not least, now you can see and edit a particular video code directly through our Video Publishing Assistant.

SublimeVideo Videos Section

New Statistics dashboard

Today, we’re also rolling out a big update to the statistics dashboard (available if you subscribed to the Real-Time stats add-on) with a complete rewrite of how we collect and display video metrics.

The new dashboard includes a graph of the video plays and loads which happened in the last 60 minutes as well as the latest video plays in real-time. This “Last plays” section includes the viewers’ browser, their operating system, their country and what site they are coming from (a.k.a. the referrer).

SublimeVideo Last 60 Minutes

While you can still see your site’s plays and loads over time (last 24 hours, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days) as well as browser and OS stats, now you can also see the country from which your visitors watch your videos and if they are using a desktop or mobile browser.

SublimeVideo Countries

There are also some changes regarding the metrics. The legacy “Page visit” metric has been replaced by the new “Video load” metric which is useful to see the video play / video load ratio. It’s also worth noting that the “Browser + OS”, “Country” and “Mobile / Desktop” stats are now all based on video plays.

Important: as we communicated earlier this year, starting from October 23rd video tags without a valid UID are no longer reporting statistics.

Some other changes worth noting:

  • The former “Most played videos” section has been replaced by the new “Videos” section: you can simply sort your videos by plays.
  • In addition to video traffic generated from your site, you can now also view the statistics of videos that are embedded on other sites.

Per-video Statistics

One more thing: if you subscribed to the Real-Time stats add-on, every single one of your videos has its own stats page, giving you the same amount of information you get on your site’s stats page, for one specific video.

For more information about our new Real-Time stats page, please check out our documentation.