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SublimeVideo WordPress plugin updates

SublimeVideo WordPress Since the release of the New SublimeVideo Player in December 2012, the WordPress plugin has received 4 major releases and 3 bug fixing releases (view the full change log).

Better YouTube integration

SublimeVideo WordPress YouTube The latest major release (1.8.0) adds the YouTube integration right into the visual editor! Even though the YouTube integration was possible since the version 1.5.0 through a shortcode setting, the plugin was missing the nice UI touch that’s already present in our Video Publishing Assistant.

Open-sourcing the plugin

SublimeVideo on GitHub Today, we are also very excited to open-source the WordPress plugin on GitHub. We strongly believe in open-source projects and we think this will allow our users to directly propose new features and bug fixes right from the project’s issues tracker!

We hope you enjoy our SublimeVideo WordPress plugin, and if you do, please give it a good rating/review in the WordPress plugins directory.

If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know in our community forum or directly in the GitHub project’s issues tracker.

Note: The plugin is licensed under GPL2 (as requested by WordPress).