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Introducing the SublimeVideo Auto Embed Add-on

One-click, fully automatic video embedding service

Introducing the one-click SublimeVideo Auto Embed Add-on On February 7th we released the SublimeVideo Embed Add-on. Today we are going a step further with the brand new Auto Embed add-on!

The free Embed add-on allows your audience to easily share your videos by embedding them into their own sites or elsewhere on the web. However, like any other manual embed solution, this requires you to create a “special” HTML page and keep it in sync with the video you want to make embeddable. Let’s be honest, that’s an annoying and repetitive task!

Thanks to our new Auto Embed add-on and the power of SublimeVideo’s Cloud architecture, this is now a thing of the past! The new Auto Embed add-on takes care of everything and manages all your embed files automatically so you don’t have to code or keep anything in sync. Please learn more in our documentation.

The Auto Embed add-on is now available with a 7-day free trial, just like all our paid add-ons. We hope you’ll like it and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback.