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Introducing the SublimeVideo Cue Zones Add-on

Introducing the SublimeVideo Cue Zones Add-on February has been a pretty nice month for us: we released two new add-ons (Social sharing and Embed) and exited the beta of our new SublimeVideo Modular Player. Well, we actually have one more thing in store for you before the end of the month!

A lot of you asked for cue points support. Today we are pleased to introduce our new Cue Zones add-on, which allows to handle cue points in a more powerful way.

A cue point is a user defined marker at a specific time in the video when a custom event is designed to occur: you can perform a JavaScript action once the playback reaches that point of the video. The Cue Zones add-on allows you to define not only a starting but also an ending point – hence “zones” – in your video where those custom actions should start and end occurring.

This add-on opens the door for tons of possible applications, such as:

  • Your video presents a product? Now you can display purchase links, images or any other additional info about the product around the video.
  • Your video is showing a person speaking at a conference? Now you can synchronize the presentation slides next to the video.
  • You can use Cue Zones to create chapters in your video.
  • You could also use this add-on to dynamically display ad banners directly related to the content currently viewed by your audience.

These are just some simple examples of how you can use the Cue Zones add-on but the possibilities are infinite! We are sure many of you already have a lot of cool ideas on how to use it and we look forward to seeing what you’ll create with it. We invite you to read the documentation to learn more and see some examples.

It’s now available with a 7-day free trial, just like all our paid add-ons.

We are happy to end February with 3 new add-ons and we look forward to releasing new features in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!