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Trial Duration with New Business Model

Hi everyone, we are fine-tuning our SublimeVideo service every day and we just decided to move from 30 to 7-days free trial duration, effective today. We would like to explain why we think this makes more sense, especially with our new add-ons-based business model.

SublimeVideo - Trial Duration and New Business Model
Along the launch of our SublimeVideo Framework 2 months ago, we also actually made a substantial switch to our business model:

  • Our previous model was a freemium bundle-based model with monthly or yearly subscriptions. We were charging you in advance the amount corresponding to the bundle and duration you chose.
  • With our new model, and because our player has now become fully modular (yeah, we’ll never stop repeating how great this is), we decided to switch to a daily metered usage model of the add-ons you use and to charge your total usage at the end of each month. This is similar to what companies like Heroku are doing and we always liked their approach: great freemium and flexible paid features store.

The new add-ons metered model is really customers friendly: You assemble your player by shopping for the features you want and only pay for what you really need. Moreover you can activate or deactivate add-ons freely on a daily basis: There’s no rigid bundles anymore, which always contain a mix of useful and useless features, your player’s features set is exactly as you want it.

With the previous pre-paid bundle approach, it made business sense to offer our customers a single 30-days free trial but with the fluid add-on based approach billed post-usage, 30 days is not necessary, especially as this is no longer a single free trial but several free-trials which we offer you, on each paid add-on, separately. For this reason we believe the sweet spot is to have a week to test an add-on.

All the paid add-ons you activate from today will have a 7-day free trial and any paid add-ons you activated previously will of course complete their previous 30-days duration.