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Introducing the SublimeVideo Framework

The Framework technology that finally sparks the HTML5 Video Revolution

SublimeVideo Framework

This is simply the most important series of announcements we ever made!

SublimeVideo Framework

After more than a year of hard work, we couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce the release of SublimeVideo Framework.

SublimeVideo Framework Video SublimeVideo Framework is the Holy Grail for HTML5 Video Players: It allows, for the very first time, the creation of any player you can imagine, by providing total design freedom and features modularity, that just work with pixel-perfect vector graphic rendering, on any browser including legacy IE6 and the latest mobile platforms, including Apple iPads, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface tablets.
Learn more by watching our intro video.

Tailor-made Players

SublimeVideo Framework Tailor-Made Showcases
SublimeVideo Framework brings the overall web video experience miles ahead of the current solutions, making SublimeVideo the most advanced HTML5 video player solution on the market.

SublimeVideo Framework Tailor-Made Players Don’t miss our launch partners’ player showcases!

If you’re an agency and want to team-up to build the most amazing HTML5 video branded players for your customers, start by visiting our tailor-made player page and contact us.

Modular Video Player

SublimeVideo Modular Player Today, we are also announcing our new SublimeVideo Modular Player, which has been rewritten from the ground-up with SublimeVideo technology. It’s more reliable than ever, it vastly improves mobile support and adds a lot of new features, thanks to its new modular architecture, including:

YouTube Integration

SublimeVideo YouTube This is pretty big! Now you no longer have to choose between SublimeVideo and YouTube. The great folks at YouTube have recently made an amazing job of updating their Player API in order to go beyond Flash-only integrations. Thanks to that, we are now delivering seamless YouTube integration with SublimeVideo. Just specify the YouTube video’s ID and that’s it!

This means you can now have the best of both worlds, using YouTube to host your videos and SublimeVideo as your unrivaled branded player!

Player Designs

SublimeVideo New Player Designs SublimeVideo makes any player design possible, working perfectly on any browser and the latest mobile devices. Today, along with our current “Classic” player, we now offer two new designs, the “Flat” and “Light” Player, with more designs to come.

Add-on Pricing Model

We also completely updated the SublimeVideo Modular Player pricing model to make it flexible: Now you only pay for the features you choose! So sign up now and start assembling your player with our new add-ons.

This is just the beginning of our journey, there is much work ahead. Stay tuned because 2013 should be full of great news for our users.

In the meantime, we wish you Happy HTML5 Holidays with SublimeVideo Framework and all its new features!