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Hiring: Jilion is Growing andWants to Welcome New Teammates

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Our core team is expanding …a bit, and we would be very glad to welcome new teammates in the following positions:

If you want to know why such a “huge increase”, read on…

Small Team, Great Ambition

It’s amazing what small teams can achieve sometimes and I think this has certainly been the case for ours: In a just over two years, since we candidly shared the demo of “SublimeVideo”, the world’s first HTML5 Video Player with custom controls, our team of seven has come a long way.

First of all – and this isn’t something we anticipated or planned for ourselves – we’ve been taken by storm by a huge viral buzz, with over 8,000 Twitter followers and one million unique visitors in six months on the original SublimeVideo demo page, as well as lots of blogs and press coverage. This was completely unexpected and really changed the course of our company, which was at the time working on a totally different Web project and at the incubation stage in our University at EPFL in Switzerland.

Being in this incubation phase was actually very helpful (thank you EPFL, our angel friends and families), as we already had a core team of four, combining Ruby on Rails, JS, CSS, design and entrepreneurial experience. That means we were ready to catch this unexpected HTML5 Video wave and move to the next phase, with the release of the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 Video Player – we believe, the only serious way to deliver a quality HTML5 Video player in the ever changing landscape of Web-browsers.

Last year, after a successful free beta, we started commercialization, introduced a freemium model, unique HTML5 real-time stats, and more. Today, SublimeVideo serves millions of state-of-the-art, always up-to-date, HTML5 video players to thousands of sites and customers every month.

During the last two years, it’s been clear within the team that we wanted to follow our own flavor of the lean startup model. On my side, I thought it was much more important to strengthen our core team, building value with great software and building metrics with real traffic and early revenues, rather than wasting time on writing business plans and chasing every possible VC (I’ve already been there myself, as Founder and CEO of a 37 employee tech start-up with $10 million of capital and didn’t want to repeat such experiences from back then).

This time with Jilion and SublimeVideo, the priority has been to build strength and credibility first and foremost in our own eyes and those of our users. To be sure what we’re doing is making sense and can have some universal value. In the process, it’s also good to give some time for the “Vision” to become clearer.

So this is where we are now: In the middle of this huge transition of the Web to the no-plugins/HTML5 era. And when it comes to HTML5 Video, based on what we did so far and what we have in mind, we believe we now understand quite clearly what remains to be done to deliver – in the near future – the ultimate enabler of the HTML5 Video era (or as Steve could have said, “we nailed it”). And that’s the reason we are ready to grow a bit and welcome a few more teammates to accelerate and get there better and faster.

Please let us know how you think you can contribute and why you’re cool to work with! Have a look at our open positions.