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A Closer Look at SublimeVideo’s Universal Real-Time Statistics

We recently introduced a major update to SublimeVideo. The biggest new feature added to the service was our Universal, Real-Time Statistics platform.

SublimeVideo’s statistics platform is the first to offer a truly comprehensive, real-time overview of your site’s video traffic from any device, whether generated from mobile or desktop, HTML5 or Flash.

We’ve prepared a live demo of our Real-Time Statistics dashboard so you can try it out for yourself. Please note that the demo requires a modern browser that supports HTML5. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE9.

SublimeVideo Universal Real-Time Statistics
Check out the live demo.

Real-Time & Universal

SublimeVideo gives our users instant access to a range of statistics about their videos, all in real-time. This simply wouldn’t be possible without SublimeVideo’s cloud-based infrastructure.

In addition, SublimeVideo Player reports consistent statistics from all platforms (HTML5 and Flash on both desktop and mobile). Because of this, we’re able to collect data from all devices and present a comprehensive, universal overview of a user’s site’s video traffic. This is increasingly important as the web transitions to HTML5 and more people access content from different platforms and devices.

If you are reading through your RSS reader, please visit this web page on the browser to watch the video.

You can find more information on our documentation page.

Under the hood

We built a sophisticated architecture to power SublimeVideo’s Real-Time Statistics; SublimeVideo Player ‘reports’ every load / play. Then, every 60 seconds, our Heroku-hosted Rails backend workers parse and separate statistics logs by time period (days / hours / minutes), before storing them in a MongoDB database.

These stats are then displayed on the user’s stats dashboard (which is implemented using Rails, Backbone.js and CoffeeScript). The graphs automatically refresh themselves every 60 seconds, so there’s no need to manually refresh the page.

We use a different setup for stats from the last 60 seconds (available only with paid plans); here, SublimeVideo Player ‘reports’ plays / loads to our Ruby async server (Cramp), also hosted on Heroku.

Plays and loads over the last 60 seconds are stored on the same MongoDB database and pushed directly – in real time – to the user’s stats dashboard via Pusher. Keeping the period covering the last 60 seconds in sync everywhere was a nice technical challenge; we created a tiny ‘ticker’ app, which pushes each second via a public Pusher channel.

Real-Time Statistics are available with our Plus and Premium paid plans, while Standard statistics for the last 24 hours are available with our new, Free & Unlimited plan.

Tell us what you want next

With the first version of our player-integrated statistics we’ve laid the foundations for more features to come.

Please share your comments and suggestions about how you think we can improve our statistics platform on this SublimeVideo Community Forum thread.