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SublimeVideo Showcase


We are proud to have some great customers using SublimeVideo. Introducing the latest entry to our Customer Showcase:

SublimeVideo on CSS-Tricks
CSS-Tricks – http://css-tricks.com

To many of those who follow our blog, CSS-Tricks probably needs no introduction. A popular web design community with the simply-stated goal of making websites better, CSS-Tricks is a treasure trove of knowledge for all web designers.

Articles and tutorials keep the community on the cutting-edge, while a broad library of code snippets and downloadable projects helps developers get hands-on. Founder Chris Coyier chose SublimeVideo to power all of the community’s video screencasts, and recently wrote a great post on our player’s new fluid-width capabilities.

We’d highly recommend checking out CSS-Tricks to anyone looking to learn more about the latest capabilities of ever-evolving web standards.

Chris Coyier - CSS-Tricks “I’m a fan of any service that helps make Front End Developers lives easier. In the case of CSS-Tricks, I have a whole archive of videos that are essentially self-hosted. I want those videos to be watchable by anybody on any browser. But because different browsers need different things to make that happen, it’s not trivially easy. There are some great free projects that do similar things, but the value for me in SublimeVideo is that I don’t have to worry about upgrading to new versions or troubleshooting for the browser landscape. Even though I’m the kind of guy who keeps up on HTML5 stuff, I still love it that I don’t have to worry about it.

Another part of making sure videos are watchable by anyone is making sure the videos fit and look good in any browser. For my design, that means the videos need to be fluid with. I’m happy that SublimeVideo provides the necessary things to make that possible.”

—Chris Coyier, Founder of CSS-Tricks.