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Introducing the OfficialSublimeVideo WordPress Plugin

SublimeVideo WordPress pluginWe’re thrilled to announce the release of the official SublimeVideo WordPress plugin.

Our plugin is fully integrated with MySublimeVideo, so you don’t need to remember your site’s ‘token’ or any other technical details. Once you’ve installed and authorized the plugin to access your account details, you’re ready to start embedding video using the plugin’s powerful video embed builder.

Check out the short demo video below to see just how easy it is to use.

If you are reading through your RSS reader, please visit this web page on the browser to watch the video.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Jon Breitenbucher for developing and releasing the unofficial SublimeVideo WordPress plugin back in September 2010 (just two days after we launched the SublimeVideo beta).

We’d also like to extend a huge thanks to Shawn Hesketh of WordPress 101 for his continued help and feedback whilst beta-testing the plugin, and for helping us produce the demo video above.

Finally, thanks to Dennis Stauffer (aka. Zoomion) for allowing us to use an extract from his beautiful video ‘Sahara Wonderland’ in the demo video.

Head on over to the WordPress Plugin Directory to get your hands on the plugin today. For detailed usage instructions visit our dedicated documentation page.