Jilion joins Dailymotion

Consistency, down to the right-click

If you are a developer or a curious user, you have probably found yourself often right-clicking on videos in your browser to get the contextual menu and see if they are played using Flash or HTML5.

Today we want to show something that you have probably never seen on the Web before: a handcrafted contextual menu that consistently works1 over HTML and Flash and that not only shows you if the video is being played with HTML5 or Flash, but also allows you to easily switch between the two modes.

SublimeVideo Player Mode Switching We think this is a great way to highlight the universal aspect of our player as well as the uniform implementation of both our HTML5 and Flash modes. It is also a way to show our brand without interfering with the player interface.

Please try it out yourself by right-clicking on the video below! 

If you are reading through your RSS reader, please visit this web page on the browser to test it.

It may feel odd to see this cute contextual menu when right-clicking on a Flash video ;-). If you need some proof it is really Flash or need to access the standard contextual menu, you can hold down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows/Linux) while right-clicking (this trick also works in HTML5 mode and if you are developer we know you will love it).

To our beta users: we will release the contextual menu publicly in a few hours. We will notify you and update our Release Notes page when it’s ready!

  1. Currently, it does not work (in Flash mode) on Opera and some old versions of Safari pre-Leopard.