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Introducing SublimeVideo

Today we’d like to show you a pre-release demo of SublimeVideo. It’s an HTML5 video player that will allow you to easily embed videos in any page, blog or site using the latest modern web standards.

Sublime Video

Browsers makers are still working on fully supporting the HTML5 video specification, so at the moment SublimeVideo is still in experimental state and only works on a limited number of browsers. But the long term goal is to make it work on all modern browsers.

SublimeVideo will be soon released for free (at least for non-commercial use).

Key Features

  • Full-window mode
    This will maximize the video to fit the browser’s window. It can be handy if you still want to access other applications while watching a maximized video in your browser.
    Besides, browsers makers are still working on implementing true fullscreen for HTML5 videos; so full-window is currently the only way to maximize the video on Safari and Chrome.
  • Full-screen mode
    Currently only supported in the latest WebKit Nightly Builds, you can activate this mode by ALT-clicking on the full-window button.
  • HTML5 video benefits
    No browser plugin, no Flash dependencies!
    You can also jump anywhere in the video without having to wait for it to buffer.

See more features on the SublimeVideo demo page.