Jilion joins Dailymotion

Dailymotion acquires Jilion

Dailymotion We are thrilled to announce that Jilion is joining Dailymotion, with the goal to build together the best video player solution on the market, by integrating Jilion’s SublimeVideo universal player technology into the Dailymotion platform.

Since SublimeVideo started by accident, almost 4 years ago, we’ve been approached a number of times for acquisition. Today, we are very happy to join Dailymotion, as they really came with the best vision and proposal to leverage our unique technology and propel it to the next level.

Morevover, while Dailymotion is the 2nd biggest video platform in the world, and 31st global Web site with a huge audience of around 200 millions unique users per month, we are amazed at how much it sports a strong startup spirit. We’ve also been very impressed by their team and all the individuals we met during the due diligence process, from our new team mates in the development group through to the top levels of the company. Needless to say, all this was a key factor in our decision to join them.

Naturally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our users for their support and for using SublimeVideo. It’s important to say the SublimeVideo service continues to be operated as-is for the time being and that your videos will continue to play. For up-to-date information, we invite you to consult this page.

We also want to thank all our investors, friends and families as well as all the public and private organizations that have supported Jilion over the years.

Mehdi Aminian & Zeno Crivelli
Jilion SA

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Introducing SublimeVideo Stats 2.0

SublimeVideo Subtitles For the last 5 months, we’ve been busy working on a complete refactoring of our back-end architecture in order to provide more stats to SublimeVideo sites, as well as a more scalable platform, both in terms of the number of sites we support and the data we can report.

Here’s what’s new from a user’s standpoint:

New “Videos” section

The new “Videos” section allows you to browse all videos played by SublimeVideo. You can search, filter and sort them. For instance, you can easily list the videos that are played the most or the least. Behind the scenes each video source is analyzed to detect common issues such as MIME Type misconfiguration. Last but not least, now you can see and edit a particular video code directly through our Video Publishing Assistant.

SublimeVideo Videos Section

New Statistics dashboard

Today, we’re also rolling out a big update to the statistics dashboard (available if you subscribed to the Real-Time stats add-on) with a complete rewrite of how we collect and display video metrics.

The new dashboard includes a graph of the video plays and loads which happened in the last 60 minutes as well as the latest video plays in real-time. This “Last plays” section includes the viewers’ browser, their operating system, their country and what site they are coming from (a.k.a. the referrer).

SublimeVideo Last 60 Minutes

While you can still see your site’s plays and loads over time (last 24 hours, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days) as well as browser and OS stats, now you can also see the country from which your visitors watch your videos and if they are using a desktop or mobile browser.

SublimeVideo Countries

There are also some changes regarding the metrics. The legacy “Page visit” metric has been replaced by the new “Video load” metric which is useful to see the video play / video load ratio. It’s also worth noting that the “Browser + OS”, “Country” and “Mobile / Desktop” stats are now all based on video plays.

Important: as we communicated earlier this year, starting from October 23rd video tags without a valid UID are no longer reporting statistics.

Some other changes worth noting:

  • The former “Most played videos” section has been replaced by the new “Videos” section: you can simply sort your videos by plays.
  • In addition to video traffic generated from your site, you can now also view the statistics of videos that are embedded on other sites.

Per-video Statistics

One more thing: if you subscribed to the Real-Time stats add-on, every single one of your videos has its own stats page, giving you the same amount of information you get on your site’s stats page, for one specific video.

For more information about our new Real-Time stats page, please check out our documentation.

Introducing SublimeVideo Subtitles

SublimeVideo Subtitles Today, we are very pleased to release one of the most awaited and requested features: Subtitles support!

With SublimeVideo subtitles you are not only providing a great experience to your hearing-impaired audience, but you’re also increasing your videos’ global reach:

SublimeVideo supports multi-language subtitles on all desktop browsers and the latest mobile platforms.

SublimeVideo Subtitles iPad

Our subtitles implementation is based on the HTML5 <track> element specification, but we added an extra feature that will be useful for many people. The standard <track> element does not allow hosting of subtitles files on a domain different to the site domain. This can be an issue when you want to have all your assets on a single CDN. SublimeVideo goes further by providing the ability to host your subtitles files wherever you want, by using CORS which allows JavaScript on a web page to make requests to another domain.

The new subtitles feature is now available to everyone for free!

Please check out the documentation for more info on how to add subtitles to your videos. We hope you’ll like this feature and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Introducing the SublimeVideo Google Analytics Add-on

SublimeVideo Google Analytics Add-on Google Analytics is a key product in the web analytics eco-system and SublimeVideo supports it almost since its debut but it was a manual and in some ways unpleasing process to perform.
Today, we are pleased not only because we’ve been able to simplify this process, but also because we now provide you with some cool unique features compared to other video players, thanks to our new Google Analytics add-on!

Reading through the whole Event Tracking guide of Google Analytics takes a lot of time and there are a lot of little details to take care of: event naming, bounce rate impact, events per session limit, etc.
Now, this is all taken care of for you with our new add-on, so you can be just one click away (if you already have Google Analytics installed on your website) from performing events tracking on the core player including: video load, video start/end, source quality selection, etc.

But there’s more, it gets even more interesting when used along with other add-ons. For instance:

And we will add tracking events for every new add-on (when it makes sense), so you don’t really have to worry about updating your code every time you upgrade your player.

The SublimeVideo Google Analytics add-on is now available with a 7-day free trial, just like all our paid add-ons.

We hope you’ll like it and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. Happy analytics!

How to Add a Logo on Your Video with SublimeVideo

SublimeVideo How-To On-Video Logo In this second episode of our new SublimeVideo How-to Video Series, we will show you how to display your logo on your videos with the SublimeVideo On-video logo add-on.

Check out the documentation to learn more about it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment with suggestions.

Introducing the SublimeVideo Advanced Player API

SublimeVideo Advanced Player API We are very pleased to announce our advanced SublimeVideo Player API. It will consist in roughly 20 new API methods and 10 new events, extending our current API, giving you more control over your player and its integrations into your site. We are going to release them gradually over the coming weeks.

SublimeVideo Player API is part of our core player and is free to use for everybody. Today we start with 5 new methods and 3 new events:

New methods:

New events:

Thank you to give us your feedback in our community forum.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Player API methods and events!

SublimeVideo WordPress plugin updates

SublimeVideo WordPress Since the release of the New SublimeVideo Player in December 2012, the WordPress plugin has received 4 major releases and 3 bug fixing releases (view the full change log).

Better YouTube integration

SublimeVideo WordPress YouTube The latest major release (1.8.0) adds the YouTube integration right into the visual editor! Even though the YouTube integration was possible since the version 1.5.0 through a shortcode setting, the plugin was missing the nice UI touch that’s already present in our Video Publishing Assistant.

Open-sourcing the plugin

SublimeVideo on GitHub Today, we are also very excited to open-source the WordPress plugin on GitHub. We strongly believe in open-source projects and we think this will allow our users to directly propose new features and bug fixes right from the project’s issues tracker!

We hope you enjoy our SublimeVideo WordPress plugin, and if you do, please give it a good rating/review in the WordPress plugins directory.

If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know in our community forum or directly in the GitHub project’s issues tracker.

Note: The plugin is licensed under GPL2 (as requested by WordPress).

Introducing the SublimeVideo Auto Embed Add-on

One-click, fully automatic video embedding service

Introducing the one-click SublimeVideo Auto Embed Add-on On February 7th we released the SublimeVideo Embed Add-on. Today we are going a step further with the brand new Auto Embed add-on!

The free Embed add-on allows your audience to easily share your videos by embedding them into their own sites or elsewhere on the web. However, like any other manual embed solution, this requires you to create a “special” HTML page and keep it in sync with the video you want to make embeddable. Let’s be honest, that’s an annoying and repetitive task!

Thanks to our new Auto Embed add-on and the power of SublimeVideo’s Cloud architecture, this is now a thing of the past! The new Auto Embed add-on takes care of everything and manages all your embed files automatically so you don’t have to code or keep anything in sync. Please learn more in our documentation.

The Auto Embed add-on is now available with a 7-day free trial, just like all our paid add-ons. We hope you’ll like it and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

How to Use YouTube with SublimeVideo

SublimeVideo How-To Video Series Here’s our new SublimeVideo How-to Video Series. This first episode will show you one of the coolest and most unique new SublimeVideo features: the SublimeVideo YouTube integration, and how easy it is to play any YouTube video with your own SublimeVideo player.

Check out the documentation to learn more about it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment with suggestions.

Introducing the SublimeVideo Cue Zones Add-on

Introducing the SublimeVideo Cue Zones Add-on February has been a pretty nice month for us: we released two new add-ons (Social sharing and Embed) and exited the beta of our new SublimeVideo Modular Player. Well, we actually have one more thing in store for you before the end of the month!

A lot of you asked for cue points support. Today we are pleased to introduce our new Cue Zones add-on, which allows to handle cue points in a more powerful way.

A cue point is a user defined marker at a specific time in the video when a custom event is designed to occur: you can perform a JavaScript action once the playback reaches that point of the video. The Cue Zones add-on allows you to define not only a starting but also an ending point – hence “zones” – in your video where those custom actions should start and end occurring.

This add-on opens the door for tons of possible applications, such as:

  • Your video presents a product? Now you can display purchase links, images or any other additional info about the product around the video.
  • Your video is showing a person speaking at a conference? Now you can synchronize the presentation slides next to the video.
  • You can use Cue Zones to create chapters in your video.
  • You could also use this add-on to dynamically display ad banners directly related to the content currently viewed by your audience.

These are just some simple examples of how you can use the Cue Zones add-on but the possibilities are infinite! We are sure many of you already have a lot of cool ideas on how to use it and we look forward to seeing what you’ll create with it. We invite you to read the documentation to learn more and see some examples.

It’s now available with a 7-day free trial, just like all our paid add-ons.

We are happy to end February with 3 new add-ons and we look forward to releasing new features in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!